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Price: $89.85
Manufacturer: Nature's Footprint, Inc.



The Worm Factory® creates the high-quality compost that will help your garden thrive! ■Saves Space: Its compact square design gives the Worm Factory® the smallest footprint of all worm composters. The stacking tray system allows the Worm Factory® to have the largest capacity for compost in the smallest amount of space, making it ideal for anyone with space limitations. ■Easy to Manage: The Worm Factory® is simple to operate; when full, each tray weighs only 12.5 pounds making lifting and arranging trays effortless. The included 16-page instruction manual makes setup fast, easy and gives tips on how to best manage your Worm Factory® composter year-round. ■Odorless: When managed correctly, the Worm Factory® is virtually odorless, making it the perfect composter for apartments, kitchens, garages, porches and more! ■Saves Time: Instead of spending time turning piles of compost yourself, and removing worms by hand, the Worm Factory's® multi-tray system separates the worms from the compost for you. Also, because the worms continually eat through the waste in the stacked trays, compost is produced at a faster rate than traditional methods of composting. ■Produces the Best Compost: The best compost for your garden is all-natural, nutrient-rich compost produced by worms. The Worm Factory® creates the high-quality compost that will help your garden thrive! How It Works: Simply add a handful of worms and your organic waste to the bottom "working" tray. The worms will start processing the food. Once the bottom tray is filled, add another tray. The worms migrate upward to the newest food source leaving the bottom tray full of nutrient rich compost. For more infomation visit our Frequently Asked Questions. Visit our vermiculture page for more information on composting with worms. Features: ■Year-round production ■Odor Free operation ■Available in three, four or five tray options ■Expandable up to 7 trays ■Available in black, terracotta & green ■Easy to assemble and manage ■Built in collection tray and spigot for easy draining ■Includes a 16-page easy-to-use instructional booklet with photos and illustrations ■Comes with "Quick-Tips" lid for easy reference ■Houses five to seven thousand worms that consume 4-5 lbs of food per week ■10 year warranty on parts and workmanship ■Made in the U.S.A. Specifications: ■Measures 16" x 16" x 21" for a 3 tray system, 3.5" higher for each tray added ■The trays, base, and lid are made from high-quality post-consumer recycled plastic ■Operational in temperatures between 45 and 85 degrees ■Empty weights: ■3-Tray - 11 lbs ■4-Tray - 12 lbs ■5-Tray - 13 lbs

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